Professional Women Controller’s Education & Career Development Program

Welcome to the Professional Women Controller’s Education and Career Development Page! This site has been developed to provide you with information on employment opportunities in the FAA, career development while employed with the FAA, and to provide educational resources that are available to you. Additionally, this site is used to highlight College Training Initiative Schools around the country that offer an FAA-approved air traffic degree program. We hope that you find this site helpful, useful, and informative. If you have any questions about anything located on this page, please feel free to contact us. We are always looking for new information and resources to improve our careers!

PWC Mentor Program

The National Mentor Program officially starts in January 2023 and runs for approximately six months. Zoom allows FAA employees nationwide to engage with us - all are welcome! Mentorship is an incredibly rewarding experience made easy by the flexible and supportive structure of the FAA National Mentor Program.

· Build alliances and refresh organizational savvy
· Ignite a spark in others
· Promote workforce and career development
· Strengthen communication, leadership and competency skills
· Contribute to FAA’s safety culture
· Create a legacy of knowledge sharing
· Challenge yourself to be a better FAA employee
Core Tenets
· Structured program for mentees and mentors to learn about the FAA, leadership, and career development
· Mentee-Mentor relationships that offer a reflection for professional/personal insights
· Awareness of career planning tools to meet professional goals
· A support network that increases the opportunity for learning and growth
· Increased understanding of FAA organizational structures and agency culture
The program consists of two introductory sessions; informational interviews; and a variety of learning sessions on personal and professional development, leadership, and career growth. Guest speakers are FAA, other Federal agencies, and the private sector. Learning sessions are conveniently scheduled during the lunch hour (12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET). Mentees and Mentors are matched for the duration of the program.

Applications are being accepted for mentees and mentors until October 21, 2023 for the 2023 Professional Women Controllers (PWC) Mentor Program. Mentorship is an incredibly rewarding experience made easy by the flexible and supportive structure of the PWC National Mentor Program.

PWC Mentee Application
PWC Mentor Application

PWC National Mentor Program

PWC Education

National and regional newsletters contain information and education on a variety of topics. Members are advised of resources when available. National and regional training conferences provide professional and timely training from certified instructors sanctioned by the FAA. Regional office personnel have provided instruction in such areas as developing KSAO.s and IDP.s, improving communication skills, and presentation of training courses such as “Managing Change” and “Violence in the Workplace”.

Heart Health w/Avril James Maynard 
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