PWC Scholarship Program

Each year PWC awards a Family Scholarship to PWC Members and/or immediate family members of a PWC member for any field of study. A PWC Recruitment Scholarship to women enrolled in or attending an accredited Air Traffic Control training school; PWC membership is not required. PWC Special Scholarships, listed below, are awarded to an applicant that has a desire for a career in aviation; PWC membership is not required.

The PWC Scholarship fund has grown consistently, with help from your donations and those of our sponsors. In the past, PWC has awarded between $1,500 and $9,700 in scholarships. PWC scholarship application season is open from October 1st to February 15th~ completed application packages must be emailed to [email protected] by February 15th.

Scholarship Instructions
Scholarship Application
PWC Scholarships

Would you like an easier way to contribute towards PWC Scholarship supporting our youth? Well PWC can help. Simply fill out the PWC Scholarship DWH form and submit, easy as that!

2022 PWC Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2022 Winners

Shanna Crawford
Jacqueline Smith Burdette Scholarship

Aliyah Rossil
PWC Recruitment Scholarship

2023 PWC Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2023 Winners

Carissa Benson
Mary McBurney Scholarship

Karen Combe
PWC Family Scholarship

Tonian Tomlinson
Jacqueline Smith Burdette Scholarship

Casandra Hurd
Sue Townsend Scholarship

PWC Awards Program

The Awards Program is an effort to highlight the unique contributions our members make to the Agency and our Organization, both nationally and regionally. Nominations will be accepted from any PWC member. Nominations shall be in writing and contain appropriate supporting documentation including background, work history and PWC mission correlation. Awards will be presented only when qualified candidates are found and may not necessarily be awarded each year. Award nominations shall be submitted to the Vice President, emailed no later than February 15th. All awards will be presented at the PWC National Training Conference. (Note: Only the President may nominate an Honorary Member. The PWC Board of Directors will determine the selection of the nominee.)

PWC Award Criteria                                                                         PWC Award Winners

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