PWC Working for YOU

The PWC Board of Directors and Program Manager's working hard for you, our membership.

PWC Executive Board

PWC President - 
Jenn Lemmon

PWC Vice President - Christina Calvert

PWC Secretary - 
enny Shepherd

PWC Membership Director - 
Tawni Pettigrove

PWC Board of Regional Directors

Elected Positions

Central - Laura MacAllister

Eastern -
Wendy Stevens 

Great Lakes - Karrie Krear-Klostermeier

New England - Vanessa Shinners

Northwest Mountain - Kelly Hanley

Southern - Vonetta Lawton

Southwest - Amy Johnson

Western Pacific - Micah Carter

Alaska - Vacant

PWC Program Managers

Appointed Positions

Communications - Samirah Zaina Abdelfattah

Education & Career Development - 
Dr. Christina "Doc" Filipowski

Sales Coordinator - Pat Tiner 

Website - Jenn Lemmon

2022 National Conference Chair
Lisa Bradfield

Photo's compliments of Jon Ross Photograpy.