PWC Board of Director Elections

PWC elections are open and will end close of business February 15, 2023. There are currently 7 positions open for election. All nomination packages should be emailed to Vanessa Shinners @ [email protected] Should you have any questions about the position, duties and requirements please contact a member of the board for further information.
President The President is the principal executive officer and shall in general supervise and control the business and affairs of PWC.
Secretary The Secretary is the official recorder of the organization’s business and is the officer that maintains a record of all official documents. The records maintained by the Secretary represent the history of the organization.
Membership Director The Membership Director provides staff assistance to the President and the BOD by maintaining membership records, supplies, and providing reports as necessary. The Membership Director acts as the Program Manager for the Membership and Recruitment standing committee including Corporate Recruitment. The Membership Director corresponds with persons internal to the organization, with persons requesting membership information, and with potential new members.
Regional Directors The Regional Directors shall have overall responsibility for handling PWC business within their respective Regions, and shall be the primary point of contact in their respective Regions. The Regional Director may delegate authority as needed to ensure competent and expeditious conduct of PWC business.  Alaska, Central, Great Lakes and Eastern Regional Director positions up for election.

Nomination Form

PWC Working for YOU

The PWC Board of Directors and Program Manager's working hard for you, our membership.

PWC Executive Board

PWC President - 
Jenn Dempster
[email protected]

PWC Vice President -
Vanessa Shinners
[email protected]

PWC Secretary - 
enny Shepherd
[email protected]

PWC Membership Director - 
Tawni Pettigrove
[email protected]

PWC Board of Regional Directors

Elected Positions

Central -
Laura MacAllister
[email protected]

Eastern -
Wendy Stevens
[email protected]

Great Lakes - Karrie Krear-Klostermeier
[email protected]

New England -
Isaac Lind
[email protected]

Northwest Mountain -
Theresa Parker
[email protected]

Southern -
Veneca Coulanges
[email protected]

Southwest -
Amy Johnson
[email protected]

Western Pacific - Sandy Holcomb
[email protected]

Alaska - Vacant

PWC Program Managers

Appointed Positions

Communications - 
Samirah Zaina Abdelfattah

Education & Career Development - 
Dr. Christina "Doc" Filipowski

Sales Coordinator -
Pat Tiner 

Website -
Jenn Dempster
[email protected]

PWC National Conference Chair - Dawne Barrett
[email protected]

2023 Local Conference Chair
Nadeska James

PWC Board of Director Meeting History

PWC Board Meeting Minutes

2021-2022 1st Quarter                       2021-2022 2nd Quarter
2021-2022 3rd Quarter                       2021-2022 4th Quarter
2020-2021 1st Quarter                       2020-2021 2nd Quarter
2020-2021 3rd Quarter                       2020-2021 4th Quarter
2019-2020 1st Quarter
2019-2020 2nd Quarter
2019-2020 3rd Quarter
2019-2020 4th Quarter
2018-2019 2nd Quarter

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